Wednesday, 9 August 2017



I want to offer you a product that perfectly matches your company profile.

This product allows you to quickly reach new business customers and immediately increase sales of your products.

I am offering you a database of companies, direct contact details of business owners, directors and managers.

The directory contains over 3 million addresses and is one of the largest directories in the UK market.
The directory includes data such as: Company name, registered address, owner contact details, email, telephone, fax, website,

You can now use the directory to advertise and promote your products.
Return on Investment (ROI) is guaranteed.

Buy once - use many times!

Find more information on our website:

How to start using our products? Simple!

1. Buy the database with access to over 3 million business owner addresses.
2. Create an offer that accurately describes the products and services you offer.
3. Using the Data Manager software (you will receive it from us for free), choose the right target group of recipients for your proposal.
4. Using Express Mail (you will receive it from us for free), send your proposal to the previously prepared group of recipients.
5. Start working with your new customers!

Best Regards.
Michael Brown.

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